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  Title Publication Date
How to paint your first rock - Updated version 3rd May 2021
Paints, paint pens and DIY Rocks 17th March 2021
Writing on the reverse of you rocks / A sharing statement 7th April 2021
Making text more interesting 15th July 2020
Lacquering / sealing your rocks 3rd June 2020
What happens if you don't lacquer / seal your rocks 24th March 2021
Taking stones from rivers and beaches 24th June 2020
Adding embellishments to your rocks 22nd July 2020



  Title Publication Date
Birds 6th July 2020
Broken Chocolate Bean 22nd June 2020
Bumble Bee - For beginners 25th May 2020
Bumble Bees 27th July 2020
Chilly Robin and Snow Globe 14th December 2021
Daffodil and Leek

1st March 2021

Dandelion Clock 15th June 2020

25th January 2021

Dotting Basics 20th July 2020
Easter Bunny - Hatching from an egg   5th April 2021
Festive Trees 23rd November 2020
Flower, Simple

8th March 2021

Forget-Me-Not 31st August 2020
Garden Markers 18th January 2021
Halloween Rocks 26th October 2020
Halloween Scene 12th October 2020
Happy New Year 28th December 2020
Hedgehog 26th April 2021
How to paint your first rock - Updated version 3rd May 2021
"Jack" Pumpkin 5th October 2020
Kitty and Moonlight 13th July 2020
Ladybird - For beginners 18th May 2020
Ladybirds 3rd August 2020
Leaves 16th November 2020

8th February 2021

Love Hearts

1st February 2021

Mouse in the Moon 4th January 2021
Mummies 28th September 2020
Mushroom Fairy House 17th August 2020

22nd March 2021

Paint your first rock, How to 12th May 2020
Patchwork Flower 29th July 2020
People, Simple, using lines 24th August 2020
Poppies 2nd November 2020
Positivity Daisy 8th June 2020
Pumpkin 7th September 2020
Rainbow 1st June 2020
Recreating Primitive Artwork 12th April 2021
Reindeer and Santa 21st December 2020
Rose 19th April 2021
Scarecrow 14th September 2020

15th March 2021

Sheep 10th August 2020
Snowflakes and Stars 7th December 2020
Snowdrops 11th January 2021
Snowmen 30th November 2020
Spring-Time Chick

29th March 2021

Sugar Skull - Dotted 19th October 2020
"Totoro" 21st September 2020
Turkey - for Thanksgiving or the Festive Season 9th November 2020
Weather Rock

15th February 2021

Y Ddraig Goch - Red Dragon, The

22nd February 2021

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Mid-Week Shorts

  Title Publication Date
Adding Embellishments to Rocks 22nd July 2020
Ladybird, Dotted 10th June 2020
Nixonville Trading Post 29th July 2020
Owl's Nest Trading Post 5th August 2020
Ombre / Shaded backgrounds 8th July 2020
Personalising your Taff Rocks Craft Bag 17th June 2020
Softening Rough Rocks - Part 1 25th May 2020
Softening Rough Rocks - Part 2 1st July 2020
Spraying Rocks with Lacquer 3rd June 2020
Taking Stones from Rivers and Beaches 24th June 2020
Text, Making it more interesting 15th July 2020
What Happens if I don't seal / spray my rocks? 24th March 2021
Tic-Tac-Toe with Rocks 27th May 2020
What and Where are the Mid-Week Shorts?

13th January 2021

Writing a sharing statement on the reverse of your rock 7th April 2021

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Other Videos

  Title Publication Date
Bloopers reel [1] 31st March 2021
"Bluebell Wood II" 26th June 2020
Craft Bag Project 26th May 2020
Forget-Me-Not, Dotting 15th July 2020
Forget-Me-Not Memorial Project 2nd April 2021
Happy Halloween Message 2020 30th October 2020
Kid's Corner Preview

29th January 2021

Kid's Channel Introduction

22nd January 2021

Mandala Dreamcatcher 24th July 2020
Mandala Owl 31st July 2020
Mandala Slate Tray 10th July 2020
Pink Dreamcatcher 7th August 2020
Rainbow Rock Preview 30th May 2020
Reaction to our first ever video 30th April 2021
Special Projects Update 15th August 2020

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