What do I use to seal my artwork with?

Sealing your rock is essential if you want your artwork to last! You can use:
  • Exterior varnish 
  • Yacht varnish
  • Clear lacquer 
Each of these can vary in price and also vary in drying times, some you can paint on, some you can spray on. Try and find the one that works for you, as long as it's weatherproof / waterproof 

You can find these in places such as:
  • Hardware stores
  • The Pound-type stores (Dollar stores in the US)
  • Craft stores
Always seal your rock outdoors or in a well-ventilated area!

Do not allow children to use these products!

Here are a few images of some types and brands that Taff Rocks members use, but the list can be endless with brands, find what works best for you and your budget:


Thank you to Jan Moore, Taff Rocks member, for this fantastic seal rock we are using as the header of this page. 
It is now shared out in the community - happy hunting!