Tutorial Requirements

We, at Taff Rocks Admin, believe in opportunity and inclusion!

We would love nothing more than to see members contribute in any way, for this request, it's tutorials.

Check out the tutorials already in the index for an idea of what's required.

The tutorial will require:
  • A clear, good quality photograph of each step of the process, including the final finished piece
  • An explanation of each process
  • All your images and text sent to Taff Rocks admin, via email 
  • The name of the author member - this will be added to the publication, provided you agree.
  • The age, if a child author - this will be added to the publication, provided you agree
(For an adult)
A Tutorial by:
FirstName LastName
The last name is optional

(For a child)
A Tutorial by:
Aged ??
The last name can be added provided you request it

When the page has been completed, a link will be sent to you for your approval, once approved, the page will be published.

Additional steps and links may be added, for example

  • A link on how to prepare rocks
  • A link on what sealants to use 
  • And other relevant links to help readers.

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