How to Prepare & Paint Rocks

Decorating and painting rocks is easier than you think! You don't need to be a Van Gogh or even consider yourself any 'good' at art. All you need is the inspiration, after all, art is very subjective.

Taff Rocks Facebook Group* will have 'events' posted as a way of helping you gain some inspiration. Once you have that, here's what's next ...

1. Find yourself a rock. You can either find one when out on a walk or purchase some cobbles or pebbles from most good garden and DIY centres. Smooth rocks are best, but this is not always possible. But it can be fixed. After all, "ugly" rocks need love too.

2. Wash your rock. Regardless of whether you found it or purchased it, your rock will need a wash. This will remove any dust and dirt.

3. If you have a dark rock or an uneven rock, give it an undercoat. You can use acrylic paints, household exterior paint, a canvas undercoat paint, even emulsion. This will give your dark rock a paler base or your rough rock a smoother finish. You can skip this step if you're happy with your rock as it is.

4. You can add some layers of the top colour or, if you like the colour of the base, leave it as it is and allow it to dry.

5. Decorate. Using acrylic paints and a brush, or acrylic paint pens, Sharpies (permanent marker pens), or crayons, decorate your rock with your image or word(s).

6. Allow to dry.

7. Decorate further if you wish, then allow to dry some more. Do not add embellishments etc as these can be harmful to wildlife if eaten. They can also cause a chocking hazard if the rock is found by a young child.

8. Add "Please share a photo on Facebook. Taff Rocks. Then re-hide. Thank you" smaller rocks will probably need abbreviations, but always mention Facebook and Taff Rocks. Click here for more help with this

9. Seal your rock with exterior clear varnish, clear yacht varnish or clear spray lacquer.

10. Allow to dry.

11. Share an image of your work on the Taff Rocks Facebook group.

12. Then "hide" it where it can be found**  Check out this blog publication for some ideas and cool places to hide your rocks.
If you need ideas where to find resources, check out our FAQ page

* The Taff Rocks Facebook group is a closed, members-only group which you are welcome to join. The public can find the group on Facebook and make a request to join, this requires approval but is normally given. We do this to protect the privacy of our members and safeguard their images. We look forward to your join request.

** When hiding rocks, please ensure have your own and the potential finders health and safety in mind! Do not place them in dangerous places and try not to hide them where they cannot be seen. Do not hide them inside private property and stay away from danger at all times!