Group? Page? - What's the difference?

Taff Rocks has both a Facebook Page and a group. Here is an explanation of the differences ...

Let's start with the Facebook Group:
  • It is a 'Closed', members-only group, which anyone can join or get invited into.
  • Anyone can find the group, but only members can see who and what is in it.
  • Members can get involved in 'Member-Only' activities and events
  • This is where your rock images and related post are
  • It is private so images cannot be 'stolen' and used for other purposes
    • Which means, the general public has less of a chance of claiming your image as their own
    • Images of children are not out there, in public, on social media, for those parents and caregivers who don't want them to be.
  •  If you want to participate, this is the place to be
  • It is moderated far more strictly than the page.

What about the Facebook Page:
  • The Facebook page administrates and moderates the group, along with other members of the admin team (who are members of the group).
  • This page is public and open for all to see.
  • This is not where member posts regarding stones, finds, hides etc go
  • It will contain general information and relevant links that may be of interest to members and the public.
  • Administrators use this to prevent clogging up the page for you, 
  • It is not moderated by the same members as the group.
  • If you're looking for links to stories from around the Facebook world,  additional links from the Taff Rocks Blog, this is the place to be.
  • You are also invited to 'Like' the Facebook Page (link above)

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