Coronavirus / Covid-19

As with many other companies, organisations and, of course, individuals, the non-social media side of Taff Rocks is affected by the self-isolation and social distancing guidance.

Here is a list of how it is affecting Taff Rocks, and many other rock painting groups too:
  • All of our public events are postponed
  • We are advising you to keep hold of your creates and finds. 
    • Keep creating and keeping! This will help with your mindfulness and any boredom.
    • Share them all at a later date. Keep them for a massive celebratory sharing day.
  • If you find a rock in the wild, if you pick it up, wash your hands!
  • But we'd rather you just took a photo and leave it where it is for now!
  • Ideally, please stay at home, stay safe and be well! 
The Taff Rocks funding, for local Aberfan and Merthyr Vale workshops, should be fine, so we can carry on with workshops when we all come out of this current situation.

The Taff Rocks funding, for Merthyr Tydfil borough-wide workshops, has a six month extension on it. We are uncertain of what will happen beyond the six months

The committee that runs Taff Rocks for the community (not the Facebook page, group or website), no longer meet face-to-face but are in daily contact via social media, WhatsApp, email or video chats.

Taff Rocks will concentrate on the website to bring you new tutorials and ideas for you to try whilst you are at home.

Until we are all given the go-ahead to get out in the wild with our friends:
  • Please practice good social distancing 
  • Take care of yourself and your family.
  • Please, where possible, help others who cannot help themselves.
    • Always use preventative measures when helping others - for yourself and them.
Taff Rocks is in safe hands, we will be back!

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