Thursday, 3 March 2022

Anyone interested in a Mindfulness Mandala Class?


Following the end of the previous community Mandala Classes for beginners, which were extremely popular, we polled our members about how, where and when the next ones should run.

The next classes will run a little different as we have determined that some young people are interested and can concentrate for the length of time for allotted for the classes. These young people will need to be accompanied by an adult. However, the accompanying adult does not need to participate if they do not wish to.

If you are interested in attending a Mindfulness mandala Class based in our community, please let us know here.

Please note, we researched the possibility of slimming down the class times but noted that the quality vastly diminished, so we need to keep them as two x three hour sessions (this includes a 30 comfort / refreshment break).

The results of the poll we mentioned were as follows, we thought we'd leave them here with the link to the interest form above: 

We asked about the best times to run the classes:

Of the 29 that responded, it was determined that 5pm until 8pm was better suited to most. Therefore, the next set of classes will run at those times.

We asked about the preferred area to run them:

Of the 29 respondents, it was determined that the preferred area is Aberfan / Merthyr Vale. Therefore, the next set of classes will run in Aberfan / Merthyr Vale. This, however, will be determined by the venue availably. 
We have an option of one venue in each area.

When we asked about the timescales, this came as a surprise:

With these responses, what this means is that we will run one session a week over a two week period.

Finally we asked about the suggested donation to cover costs and replenish materials and tools:

The responses were 'Up to £10.00 per student. This will depend on the venue costs and we feel that a 'suggested donation / contribution of £15.00' would cover those that wish to donate more. 
These classes are expensive for us to run with materials and tools and we need to ensure we can sustain them and run more when funding has run out.

Donations for the classes can be made via multiple Gift Voucher as a way of 'saving' toward your selected donation amount - see below or read more here first

If you are interested in the results of previous classes, please check out this page on our website. It also includes a link to the feedback we have received.

With all this in mind, if you wish to declare a no obligation interest in upcoming classes, don't forget to let us know here

If you'd like to make the full suggested donation but all at once will be an issue for you, don't forget about our Gift Vouchers. We can accept multiple Gift Vouchers for any session and they don't expire for 12 months.
Therefore, you're more than welcome to 'save' using our vouchers.