Thursday, 24 March 2022

Smyrna Chapel Reopening Soon for Community Use

We are pleased and massively excited to announce , that with the help of Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, Invest Local Ynysowen, to name just one of the generous and marvellous contributors, that the Smyrna Chapel has found a new lease of life once again serving the community! 

Thursday, 3 March 2022

Anyone interested in a Mindfulness Mandala Class?


Following the end of the previous community Mandala Classes for beginners, which were extremely popular, we polled our members about how, where and when the next ones should run.

The next classes will run a little different as we have determined that some young people are interested and can concentrate for the length of time for allotted for the classes. These young people will need to be accompanied by an adult. However, the accompanying adult does not need to participate if they do not wish to.

If you are interested in attending a Mindfulness mandala Class based in our community, please let us know here.