Monday, 5 July 2021

Our reservation system explained

Since some restrictions have been lifted allowing the Taff Rocks Community Workshops to re-open, we have needed to implement an advanced booking / reservation system. However, there has been some confusion over this and we hope this post will better explain it for everyone.

This information is related to the Free-Style Community Rocks Painting Workshops (eg. Taff Rocks Tuesday) and not classes and seminars where reservations can only be made for one person on one reservation.

Making the reservation:
  • The online reservation system is 'powered' by Eventbrite.
  • The reservations are free to make with 'fees' payable on the door - contactless, card of cash.
  • Cancellations are required if you change your mind or cannot attend - see below
  • If the date is fully booked, add yourself to the "Wait List" and, if someone should cancel, Eventbrite will email you letting you know that there is a space available.
  • When making a reservation, you are reserving a 'workstation' and not per person
  • Payment is taken on the door via contactless, card or cash.

One reservation can comfortably fit one of the following variations of people attending:



Child aged 11 and older=

Child aged 10 and under=

Variations Key
Up to three adults or
Two adults and one child aged 11 or over or
Two adults and up to two children 10 and under or
Two adults, one child aged 11 or over plus up to two children 10 and under or
One adult and up to three children 10 and under

So, if your group fits in one of the above. there is no need to book one ticket for one person! We got it covered.

After four people, of the variations above, fill the table, there is no physical space to comfortably fit another person, therefore, please book an additional table.

Taff Rocks relies on the income generated from these workshops, currently £3.25 per person, therefore, any empty spaces makes it a struggle for us. We use this to pay rent, replenish or buy new resources and any other bills that come in. We do not pay staff.


  • Once a workstation or table is booked, it is no longer available for anyone else*. Which means, if you no longer need your table and do not cancel, it will remain empty during workshop times.
  • If you need to cancel, go here to find out how or contact us giving at least 48 hours notice where possible. (WhatsApp messages can be dealt with far quicker.)
  • Cancelling allows others, who may be on the waiting list, to book the space.

* If fail to attend, the workstation or table remains empty during the workshop as we cannot always fill them in time


  • Free-Style rock painting workshops are £3.25 per person. This is welcomed at the door using contactless, card or cash

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