Monday, 21 June 2021

Mindfulness Mandala Class - for beginners

Discover and experience the therapeutic benefits of dotting and the mandala with the Taff Rocks Mindfulness Mandala Classes.

This course in run over two days, each day 2.5hrs tuition plus 30 minutes break. It is designed to help the beginner / novice. No experience necessary!

Day 1 - Tuesday 13th July

  • The beginners guide to dotting 
  • An introduction to dotting tools 
  • Using stencils / drawing freehand 
  • Practicing basic techniques 

Day 2 - Thursday 15th July

  • Recap 
  • Show and tell 
  • Putting your knowledge into practice and create a mandala art rock
Venues and times are as follows:
  • Aberfan Library, Aberfan & Merthyr Vale Community Centre, Aberfan CF48 4QE
    • 5pm - 8pm
  • Willows Centre Troedyrhiw, The Willows, Bridge Street, Troedyrhiw CF48 4DX
    • 10am - 1pm

Provided for you to use are: 
  • Grid stencils Printed practice sheets 
  • Pencils (standard and white chalk) 
  • Erasers and sharpeners 
  • 20 Different colour acrylic paints 
  • Paint conditioner 
  • Paint pots / mixing trays 
  • Paint brushes 
  • All the dotting tools you require 
Provided for you to practice and keep: 
  • 1 x 100mm Handcrafted art stone - for your final piece 
  • 1 x 80mm Handcrafted art stone - for your final piece 
  • 2 x 65mm Handcrafted 'practice' stones 
  • Printed material to help you along (digital downloads also available for free) 
  • Occasionally, we supply 'bonus' handcrafted stones in various shapes and sizes for you to practice on or create a finished piece.
Plus all the tuition and guidance you need to create your own art pieces on the handcrafted art stones.

If you'd like to make a voluntary contribution towards costs, so we can run more classes, please feel free to do so. But you do not have to do this. Every penny counts and every little helps!

In a poll of our social media members, a suggested voluntary contribution of £xxxx* (for both days) was made. Do not let this put you off attending! 

The therapeutic benefits of mandalas: 
Designing and dotting mandalas can help you focus your attention. That’s why they’re a great exercise for calming down when you’re stressed and waking up your mind. 

Here are some benefits of mandalas: 
  • They help with balance. 
  • They bring peace and tranquillity. 
  • Looking at them will give you a feeling of calmness. 
  • They help with concentration. 
  • They make it easier to be mindful. 
  • Another thing they do is push aside thoughts and let your creativity flow. 
  • The way all the shapes and designs are laid out brings a feeling of balance.
The start-up for this project has been funded by:
The voluntary contributions will help sustain this project and enable us to run more classes!

We are pleased to announce that the Aberfan classes for this project is a collaboration between Wellbeing@Merthyr and Taff Rocks!

* Information removed due to changes