Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Preparing to re-start workshops - Stage 1

Taff Rocks are almost prepared to re-start workshops. We have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare as much as possible to prevent any delays. The re-opening will be a staged process for us ...

We're calling this "Stage 1". We can now gain access to our regular building and will be there week commencing 03/05/2021 for measuring up as possibly the final part of our COVID Risk Assessment.

Once this is complete and we exchange Risk Assessments with the Building Manager, and everyone is happy with them, we will announce our opening date.

Things will need to run vastly different from before, but here are a few changes:

  • Reservations in advance for a workshop table will need to be made.
    • Reservations are free to make via this page only.
    • Payment, where possible, of £3.25 per person by contactless.
    • If cash is used, be advised that we cannot give change so please tender the exact amount.
    • Cancellations for reservations must be made giving 48 hours notice so tickets for that table can become available again.
    • If you fail to attend or are late, and have not notified us, after 15 minutes your table reservation will be cancelled and given to someone else.
  • Masks are required for all aged 11 years and over, even with a medical exemption.
    • This is because we fall under the 'leisure' category and not considered 'essential'
  • A maximum of two members of the same bubble only can share one table.
  • Track and trace details will be taken. These details are only kept for 21 days.
    • You will still be required to 'sign in' for fire safety and beneficiary information.
  • Temperatures, before entry, may be taken.
  • Free movement around the area will be restricted.
    • If you bring a young person with you, you must ensure they follow this rule.
  • Toilet facilities may not be available.
  • Refreshments, as we have done previously, will not be available.
  • Resources:
    • Each person will be given washed and dried rocks that have not been touched by the workshop facilitators
    • Paint pens only to be used. Each table will have two packs of pens, one pack of thick and one pack of thin. These will be sanitised prior to your use and afterwards.
  • To protect you and the workshop facilitators, sealant will not be available. However, the paint pens you will be using are suitable for outdoors.
  • If you test positive for COVID within 14 days of attending a workshop you must contact the lead facilitator urgently so they can advise other facilitators, workshop attendees, friends and family.

Please visit the sanitising station on the way in and out and if you move from your workstation.

Taff Rocks facilitators will:
  • Sanitise your workstation before and after use.
  • Direct you to your work station and supply the resources you need.
  • Be wearing face masks and / or face shields, some may also be wearing plastic aprons.
  • Sanitise between tables if we are needed to help you out at all.
  • Be wearing gloves.
    • As we are required to sanitize our hands after visiting each station we will be sanitising the gloves. This is because we are wearing them to avoid any adverse effects to our skin from over sanitizing.

We can't wait to see you again. Please watch this space, your emails and our Facebook pages and group for updates.

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