Friday, 26 March 2021

Forget-Me-Not Memorial Project

This last year has been a testing time for many of us, it has also been a time of tragedy for many of us too. We have missed so many people and lost too many!

To celebrate the lives of those we have lost, Taff Rocks is preparing a Forget-Me-Not 'project'. 

This project entails a forget-me-not painted memory rock for every person we have lost in the last year. Whether it was COVID related, the related mental health effects or other reasons.

Historically, these dainty flowers symbolise remembrance for those we love and for those we have lost.

Forget-me-nots represent long lasting connections that can exist between not only lovers, but also friends and families. This connection can’t be broken or shaken by anything or anyone. 

These rocks will be placed in an exhibition-style line, much like our BeeLine or the postponed Critter Conga.

Images and / or a video will be taken of the line, to include each memory rock and respectfully put together to remember all those we have lost during this time.

You can either create your own or we will create this for you, then it will be added to the memory walk. The memory walk will not be permanent! And, unlike our memories, will be displayed for only a few hours on a date in the summer of 2021, hopefully, when government restrictions allow.

If you plan to create your own, we can provide you with a suitably sized rock if you wish to collect one. We have also created a tutorial for a Forget-Me-Not on YouTube if you need it. But we don't mind helping you or creating them for you.

NONE of the painted rocks will be used for sharing or travelling! They will be given / collected by the friends / family of the person whose name is on the rock for them to keep.

The rocks will / should be about 80 - 120mm in size.

The forget me not on the front will be accompanied by the loved ones name.

One the reverse could be:

In Memory of

[Name Surname]

January 1950 - August 2020

or text of your own choice.

An example:

If you would like to participate in this project and you, or the person you wish remembered, is from Aberfan, Merthyr Vale or Mount Pleasant, or has links to the villages (or even Taff Rocks), please let us know.

The date and venue of this memory walk is yet to be arranged.

If you plan on preparing your own rock, please ensure it is within 80 - 120 mm

Click here to take part and have a memory rock created

We understand and are anticipating 'duplicates', each request will be honoured, including any duplicates. 

"Blanks" will also be created for any last minute on the day requirements.

Update: There are some families in the communities who may not have access to social media or email, which could cause their loved ones memorial to be missed. If you are aware of anyone, please let them know or commission a memory rock on their behalf.

Yes, we appreciate how sensitive this subject is but we want to remember, with fond memories, everyone we have lost in our villages.