Saturday, 30 January 2021

Thank you so very much!

Knowing the way we share our festive gifts in 2020 was going to be vastly different, Taff Rocks, as part of their "reuse and recycle" initiative, felt it was a great time to ask you to gift us something you might not want.

We asked you if you'd send us any of your unwanted Amazon-style gift bags that you could receive this festive season so we can reuse them at our workshops, classes and seminars when we can run safely again.

So many have arrived, and are still arriving, that it's not possible to give a final count. The image above are just a few of what we have received so far.

We plan on using these type of gift bags for so many reasons until they cannot be reused any more, then recycled appropriately.

Some of the plans include life as:
  • A gift bag when a workshop attendee creates a masterpiece for gifting.
  • A games bag - for games, puzzles etc, made from rocks for use at workshops. 
  • A 'carrier bag' for times when someone has created so many masterpieces that they can't safely carry them home without dropping them.
  • And probably so much more!
We want to take this opportunity to say a great, huge ...

Thank You!

for your amazing generosity.

Each bag we receive will be appropriately quarantined, cleaned or sanitised following the Government guidance before they are reused by anyone.

Bags are not just for Christmas!

It's not just the festive season that you could receive such a gift bag, and they don't even need to be from Amazon. They can be any fabric type of bag, including jute bags. If you don't want them any time during the year, we encourage you to send them to us to reuse.

Our address, at this time, is available only on request. Please contact us by email, WhatsApp or Messenger for an address to send them to.

Once again, thank you so very, very much for supporting us in this way, we appreciate it absolutely loads!

We are unable to reuse paper / card gift bags. Please check your local recycling guidance for those.

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