Monday, 9 November 2020

Reusing Amazon Gift Bags


Image credit: Amazon

Many of us could be receiving our festive gifts from Amazon this year. If you receive a gift wrapped by Amazon, or maybe you already have and you don't want the gift bag they arrive in, would you consider donating it / them to us?

We want to reuse your bags and prevent them ending up in landfill.

Our plans for them include:
  • The creation of board-type games that can be used in our workshops
  • Allowing our workshoppers to 'gift wrap' something they created as a gift at a workshop.
  • Enabling our workshoppers to carry home a number of items they have created when they have forgotten to bring their own bag.

We will also re-accept bags already given out at workshops until such a time that they cannot be used any longer. We will then send these for recycling.

At each stage, they will be cleaned and sanitised so they are safe to be reused.

Donating the gift bags to us benefit us and our workshoppers immensely and will also to reduce any potential waste by reusing them.

We will send you an address to forward them on to on request. Just contact us for details.

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