Saturday, 30 May 2020



Our recent craft pack project has shown us that the support we have is as strong as ever, if not stronger!

We'd like to show our thanks by expanding this project, but cannot do this without you. 

How can you help? 
  1. If you received a pack, complete the monitoring form included, to tell us how we did, then returning them to us by scanning and emailing them to us or contacting us to collect them from you. 
  2. If you'd prefer, you can complete it online here
  3. If you'd like a future pack, it doesn't matter if you've had one before or not, register an interest in a future project here
  4. Sign up to our newsletter for project updates, news, future projects and more, here
  5. By joining our Facebook Group to share images of you with your craft packs here.
We thank you all so much for this amazing support!

We are truly thankful for you all! 

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