Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Special Update - Craft Bag Project

This dreadful pandemic has thrust us all into pastures unknown! After only a few short weeks from idea to reality, we are now rolling out our free craft bags for our members in the Aberfan and Merthyr Vale communities.

In these times of social distancing, isolation and worry, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy mind. Our minds need to be stimulated! With social interaction and financial worries, a diversion was required for mental wellness.

Which is how and why we came up with this idea, which was received well.

The 'Covid Craft Pack' project from Taff Rocks has been funded by Invest Local Ynysowen.

Our initial query regarding the proposal was for ten packs. This increased to 100! Which meant, once the proposal was submitted, we had to get our skates on!

Invest Local Ynysowen ensured that all the funding reached our bank account in record time and, within 24 hours of it reaching the account, we'd spent it! Not bad for a weekend.

Where possible, we have used small local companies. After all, they need support during this difficult time too. These include:

Each pack will contain:
  • Rocks
  • Pots of paint, which include the five primary colours plus green.
  • A colour mixing chart will enable the ‘rocker’ (rock painter) to create more colours than they have
  • Two different types of paint brushes that will enable ‘rockers’ to paint boldly and add finer detail
  • A water tub
  • A ‘How to Paint on Rocks’ guide
  • Some ideas to spark inspiration
  • Plus, of course, a bag to carry and store it all in! 
Delivery would be by hand, observing social distancing guidance, by volunteers.

But, this project has not been without its pitfalls. The team at Taff Rocks have needed to contend with:
  • Unable to go out and purchase the resources required.
  • Only being able to order online with online stores prioritising orders.
  • Our bag supplier suffering the same issues and having to contend with their supplier taking extra time for the bank holiday weekend.
  • The Post Office and delivery companies prioritising orders.
  • High demand on stock so resources were going out of stock overnight.
However! Less than three weeks from proposal to now, we are ready to go!

We will be delivering the packs from Monday 25th May.

But what have we been doing whilst waiting? Well, we can assure you we have not been sitting about twiddling our thumbs.

As the resources were 'dribbling' in, we have:
  • Been creating YouTube videos to help those who need assistance with creating their art.
  • Ensuring that the large items have been split into individual, user-friendly items
  • Preparing the support documents. Wait 'till you see those!
  • Hand writing a sharing statement on the back of every rock required for the project
For those that will / have received these packs, we hope you enjoy them and remember - please leave feedback on the monitoring form provided in the pack (or online) and please, share some photos with us so we can share the good news!

Please note: Images may be used in publications, online or social media, do not submit a photograph if you are not comfortable with this.

We hope you enjoy this wholesome activity, either with family or alone. We know it will be a very welcome distraction.

Taff Rocks wishes you well and we hope we can see you all at workshops again soon.

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