Thursday, 2 April 2020

Simple Spider Tutorial

This simple little spider will be at home an any bugline, critter conga or even Halloween! He's so easy to create.

Your rock would benefit from a fantastic background or base before you paint the spider. Taff Rocks has a growing list of background and base techniques for you to try, or try one of your own. Click here to see our list.

You will need:
  • A rock
  • Black paint (for body)
  • White paint (for eyes)
  • A little red paint (for mouth)
  • Paint brushes or paint pens of the colours listed

1. Draw the outline and paint the body in black

2. Now paint in the legs

3. Whilst waiting for the black paint to dry, add a little web for your spider to hang from (optional)

4. Eyes
  • Using white paint, paint in some eyes. I used a dowel to just dot it on, you can use the wrong end of a pencil, cotton bud or something similar to dot on the eyes if you don't want to paint them on.
  • When that's dry, paint in a thin line of black to outline the eyes

5. Pupils and mouth
  • Using a dowel, cotton bud or pencil, dip in it the black paint for a pupil, then allow to dry
  • For the mouth, use a thin paint brush and some red paint to add a smiley mouth

6. Optional - Add some decoration around the spider
  • For this rock, I've used glow in the dark paint and added dots with a dowel. I'm going to wait for the eyes to dry before I can add some there too.

7. Add little white dots to the eyes (it was here I added some glow in the dark paint on top of the dried white dot)

Add text on the reverse of your rock
  • If you need help with this, click here
  • Allow to dry.
Seal your rock.

If you need help creating and sharing rocks, here are some previous publications that can help you:
Check out the FAQ and, if it's not there, ask on the Facebook group, we'll all be happy to help!

For a full list of tutorials, please click here

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