Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Free Critter Conga Exhibition 2020

Do you remember the amazing Ynysowen Beeline exhibition of 2019? No? Then check out the video below. 

For 2020 we want to create a Critter Conga and smash last years targets and eventual number of exhibits.

Here's the low-down:

On Saturday 25th July 2020 between 12 and 4pm, we will be exhibiting all the brilliant insect, mini-beast and critter inspired rocks that you will be creating between now and July.

With the permission of the Reverend and Mrs Barnes of St Mary and The Holy Innocents Church in Nixonville, Merthyr Vale (just north of our Trading Post at St John's Ambulance Hall) had agreed for us to use their amazing church wall. It's a beautiful wall, but we understand they are awaiting a new one. How brilliant would it be if they had this in time for the Critter Conga?

To recap:
Date:      25th July 2020
Time:     12 until 4pm

What to do:
  • Create a work of art, or many works of art, on a rock, or rocks depicting any of natures wonderful critters, mini-beasts etc
    • Bees - Tutorials for bees here
    • Butterflies - Tutorial for a finger painted butterfly here
    • Worms
    • Frogs
    • Ladybugs - Tutorial for a ladybird here
    • Caterpillars - Tutorials for finger painted caterpillars here
    • If you've never painted rocks before, check out this tutorial.
  • These can be created at home or any of our Taff Rocks workshops. Our 2020 diary is here
    • You can join in from any rock painting group! You are also encouraged to add your local rock painting group's sharing statement on the reverse, or one of the Taff Rocks example ones shown here.
  • You can either keep you creation or creations with you to leave them with us at any of our workshops and we will add them to the exhibition on the day on your behalf.
  • Add them to the wall from 12
  • At 4pm, collect your own beasties and share them, responsibly. Some examples of good sharing places and not so good sharing places can be found by clicking on the links.
  • At shortly after 4pm, any rocks left behind will be removed and shared to our trading posts

For the Beeline 2019, we hoped for 200 exhibits, we had 302. 

We hoped to reach a line of 100 feet long, we smashed that too with a line of 144 feet long! 
Let's try and smash that in 2020!

Check out the video from the Beeline below:

Poster for the 2020 Critter Conga
Also, if you want to leave your exhibits on the day, why not come in fancy dress?

Taff Rocks workshops are made possible, in the Ynysowen area, by grants from Invest Local Ynysowen

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