Friday, 20 March 2020

All Public Workshops Postponed

In light of the current public health issue, Taff Rocks have postponed all public rock painting workshops and public gatherings until further notice.

As soon as the situation improves, we will be back! If you need advice regarding isolation and Social Distancing, please see the NHS website.

The funding we receive to run our workshops should be secure and, when we come out 'the other side' of this situation, we can continue!

Some events are 'Inspirational', which means that there are no public workshops for the event. These are for you to feel inspired. Please go ahead and enjoy them.
The Walking-It 2020 Competition is ongoing, although the method of entering your creation plus the closing and draw date(s) may change. Please watch this space for updates. If there are no updates, contact Taff Rocks via their public page to arrange safe collection of your entries.

See the Walking-It 2020 blog and Facebook public group for updates on that.

The Critter Conga event and date, scheduled for July 2020, may also be postponed. But the exciting thing is ... When it's ok to continue, we can use this as a fantastic opportunity to celebrate more than just the critters.

We'd like to thank you all for your support and workshops and hope we can count on your support once more when the situation changes.

Our Facebook Group, for sharing your creations, remains the same, it will carry on as it has. However, during this testing time only, we'd like to invite you to share all  your amazing arts and craft creations. Once we can get out again, we shall go back to rocks and rock hunting funds, creates and shares.

The Facebook Page Events will now include more 'Inspirational events'

We will be making every effort to build our Tutorials Index for you during this time of uncertainty. so you can continue creating.

Keep creating, keep safe and have fun.

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