Thursday, 26 March 2020

April Daily Challenge

Outdoor rockin' may have been postponed, but kindness hasn't! Keep on creating!

For each day in April, using the suggestions below, create a piece of rock art / artwork and share it on our  Facebook group each day. If you start later, that's fine, you can either play catch up or add a few suggestions to one creation.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

How To Create Your Own Dragon's Egg

Creating painted works of art is a little difficult right now so, try this wonderful Dragon's egg. It's unsuitable for outdoors but will look amazing indoors.

Saturday, 21 March 2020

Positivity Daisy Tutorial

"The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do." [Kobe Bryant, American basketball player]

Which is why I am sharing with you this tutorial of wonderful little flowers of love and positivity!

Friday, 20 March 2020

All Public Workshops Postponed

In light of the current public health issue, Taff Rocks have postponed all public rock painting workshops and public gatherings until further notice.

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

April workshops POSTPONED!

In these times of uncertainty, social distancing, self isolation etc., Taff Rocks deeply regrets that we are postponing all workshops until the end of April 2020.  

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Free Critter Conga Exhibition 2020

Do you remember the amazing Ynysowen Beeline exhibition of 2019? No? Then check out the video below. 

For 2020 we want to create a Critter Conga and smash last years targets and eventual number of exhibits.

Here's the low-down: