Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Nicola's Fundraiser for Taff Rocks

On the 20th June 2020, Nicola, one of our co-founders, will undertake one of the biggest challenges since she did the Welsh Three Peaks Challenge over ten years ago.

She openly admits that her fitness needs work and will be working hard on this, with support from her coach, from now until the walking date. So this is going to be one, big trial for her, but she is determined.

She is hoping for some company for either all, or part of the way. 

The starting point will be at the Taff Rocks Trading Post at The Owl's Nest Tea Room Diner in Llandovery and ending at the other Taff Rocks Trading Post at St John Ambulance Hall in Nixonville, Merthyr Vale. This might even stretch into a day two, but hopefully not.

The route, yet to be confirmed once road support is in place, can be found here.

The route will change, from that on the map, at the Cefn Coed area. Along with any fellow walkers she will be leaving the A470 to stay clear of the dual-carriageway.

The walking party will then, as soon as possible, leave the road support in favour of the Taff Trail. But road support will not be far away.

At this time, the start of the Taff Trail route will begin north of Rhydycar Leisure Centre. Check out this Facebook page on the day to follow the walkers, live, on Google Maps.

Nicola is also a realist and appreciate that these 35 miles may take her two days, with a break in between at a designated stop.

If this happens, and you'd like to join her on day two, keep up with the progress and be prepared!

During her training sessions, she will be making an effort to document her progress, via YouTube videos and sharing them on her Facebook group created for this event. Please follow her here. She also has a personal blog created for her journey and preparation for this event, you can find that here.

If you wish to sponsor her online, please click here.

If you wish to sponsor her in person prior to the day, ask her for her sponsor form.

Can you help? Besides your sponsorship, Nicola is looking to find a few biker friends who are prepared to ride alongside her on the day. This is needed in order to pre-warm vehicles that there is a walker in the road - especially as some areas have no sidewalks or embankments. Cars will hold up far too much traffic on certain parts of the route. Martin and Yve are co-ordinating this.

As this is going to take all day, even a short trip as support would be appreciated. You will be asked to (this might not be popular for some bikers) wear a high-viz vest and carry essential medication, First Aid supplies plus additional water and high energy food stuffs.

If you can offer help, please leave a message on her Facebook Group

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