Monday, 20 January 2020

OPCreativ Paint Pen Review

Here at Taff Rocks HQ we like trying out new pens, then giving a review to help you make a decision on a purchase. We were very excited when we found these fineliner acrylic paint pens on Amazon ...

(This publication has been updated with a video review from a young workshop user)

These come in a pack of 14, on the pack it states they come in an "Artist's Dozen" and we like this phrase, a lot!

The OPCreativ pens (as per Amazon's description):
  • Are for outlining and filling 
  • Come with a 0.7mm ultra fine tip for fine and intricate detailing
  • Are Italian ink with Japanese tips. 
  • Durable water-based ink for vibrant finish
  • Odour and toxic free 
  • Can be used to paint on rock, glass, porcelain, wood, ceramic, fabric and more

Being a non-profit, very small community-based organisation that runs rock painting workshops, thanks to grants and fundraising, we are all about value for money! Sometimes, as you have found with previous reviews, cheap is not always cheerful. However, the VFM that these offer is brilliant.

So lets have a look at how they fared ...
  • Coverage is amazing, although this is a light rock, these type of rocks habitually need more than one coat, but not with these pens! Even the yellow is bright enough to only require one coat. But that's not to say that your artwork will only need one coat on a darker rock.
  • The nibs are long lasting, unlike some other "market leader" pens where they wear down when used on this type of rock. So we think these are quite robust. We have found that our younger artists can be a little heavy-handed and sometimes can ruin a new pen. We don't think this will happen here
  • The fine nibs offer you the chance of great detail when outlining your work
  • And yes, they don't have an odour.
But! One of their greatest assets is they Value For Money!!!!!

What are the two most used pens in any pack? Yes, the black and the white ones! It gets annoying when you have to find a pack of just black and white. But not any more! These, being an 'Artist's Dozen' have two black and two white pens!

Also works great on "wood cookies"

In conclusion:
  • We believe these pens, with ultra fine tips, are excellent and value for money. 
  • They will give the best of other brand packs a run for their money!!!!!!
  • They're so awesome, once we can fundraise for further supplies of these, we're even thinking of unleashing these on our workshop users!
  • So, go for it! You won't be disappointed!
Reason for this review:
  • Although this is a personal pack, as part of the Taff Rocks Admin Crew, we wanted to review these for fellow rockers, Taff Rocks members or other groups
  • This is the author's personal review and may not necessarily reflect those of other Taff Rocks members


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