Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Reuben Rocks Our Facebook Group

The search for our Facebook Group's header image for the festive season is now over. Our winner is Reuben, aged 8.

The winning image was one of seven masterpieces submitted and all were from children aged under 11 years.

When asked about how he feels about winning, Reuben said "I feel good," and "It's not about winning, it's about taking part." He also said "I think it's a good thing to enter."

Reuben, along with the other entrants all enjoy the workshops, where these wonderful works of art were created, in fact, we have it on 'good authority' that "Taff Rocks is cool, it's fun to make Taff Rocks."

Reuben was presented with a wonderful keepsake trophy, a pack of Pilot paint pens (the same as he has become used to using for his creations. In addition to these, the prize package included two Taff Rocks badges, a Taff Rocks Pencil and some rocks so he can create some more masterpieces over the festive period. We're looking forward to seeing those.

His closing thank you's were "Thank you to Mam, Nanna and Grandpa, ... also Taff Rocks" and "see you in January. Keep  your eyes open for my YouTube Video."

We don't know if this will include him creating masterpieces or a show and tell about this prizes.

Other entries were (in no specific order):

Freya, age 5

Gwyn, age 4

Menna, age 8 (first of two entries)

Menna, age 8 (second of two entries)

Reuben, age 8 (second of two entries)

Rosie, age 9

Reuben, age 8 (first of two entries)
We'd like to thank Reuben's mum for allowing us to take and share his photo here. We have a policy that prevents us, as a group, from sharing images of children on public pages. However, if Reuben's mum wishes to share them, she is more than welcome to.

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