Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Handcrafted 'Rocks' from concrete

We have been asked why, occasionally, we use concrete to create moulded rock alternatives, and here's the reason why ...

The concrete used is donated and, if it wasn't used up for its original purpose, it could very well have been cast aside, wasted or left to go rock hard and maybe even disposed of. Such a waste!

In order to minimise the waste, awesome people donate this to us. Members of Taff Rocks also visit their local hardware store and, if they find a broken bag, they 'nab' it and donate it to us for us to create these rock alternatives. 

So, if you live local to Taff Rocks HQ and have some spare sand, cement, quick-setting concrete that is still usable but you no longer need, think of us before taking it to the Civic Amenities / recycling / waste site. Just contact us to let us know. It is, however, difficult for us to make collection on times, but we always try our best. If you feel you can deliver, we will gladly accommodate.

As you can see from the images here, we don't let it go to waste, we use it wisely.

Painted examples created for Halloween
All the blanks were used up in no time!
One of our founding members collects or purchases soap or cake moulds that are related to whatever festival or celebration is due soon. So far, she has created pumpkins for Halloween and this wonderful bunch of mouldings for the festive / winter season. 

For the festive/winter season
Some painted examples included
She also uses a basic oval or round shape mould to make more from whatever scraps of concrete she has from her own projects.

A sample of some of her works for her own projects.

Once the creation has hardened enough in the mould, it is de-moulded and allowed to dry for a good few days, then undercoated with white or light exterior paint. Then set free at our workshops.

Of course, you can never replace a rock and, no doubt, these won't last forever like a rock would.

These alternatives have not been re-shared or re-hidden as yet, we don't know why, we'd like to think people love them too much to let them go! Which is also good, but we do wish they were shared so we can see what happens to them.

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