Sunday, 15 September 2019

Halloween Witch

By Kathryn
Admin of #Marsh Rocks & a member of Taff Rocks on Facebook

In a fantastic sharing of kindness, Kathryn has agreed to share her picture tutorial with us so we can share it with you. Marsh Rocks is a small, but growing group and, I'm sure we'd all agree that this is a brilliant, simple tutorial and we are very thankful to Kathryn and #Marsh Rocks for allowing us to use them.

Start with a white circle (left) then add the blue for moon surface features (right)

Draw a circle, with a dissecting line (left) and the a triangle [for the body] (right)

Add a hat (left) and some hair (right)
Sorry for the blurred image

Add a nose (left) and now add a broom (right)

Draw in the curves for her dress and shoes (left) then paint in the black silhouette (right)

Lastly, add your choice of words.
Kathryn chose "I'm gonna cast a spell on you."

This wonderful, Halloween witch will perfectly compliment the fantastic Halloween Cat that Kathryn has also created and allowed us to use. 

Add text on the reverse of your rock
  • If you need help with this, click here
  • Allow to dry.
Seal your rock.
If you need help creating and sharing rocks, here are some previous publications that can help you:
Check out the FAQ and, if it's not there, ask on the Facebook group, we'll all be happy to help!

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