Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Pebeo Iridescent Acrylic Paints

Every bumble bee painted rock exhibit, at our recent Beeline, received a comment. However, the base coat of some of the rocks from our friends at Lichfield Kindness Rocks (LCR) received a raving review due to its wonder and iridescence.

Taff Rocks admin contacted the admin from LCR and asked about the paints. Once we were able to determine the brand, supplier and colours etc, we were right on it and trying them out.

#internationaldroparockday #harmony
LCR suggested that they worked best when used over a light base coat and, in all honesty, we have to agree.

The ones you see here were purchased from Hobbycraft and these were the only four colours available there on the day of purchase.  But, if you check out Amazon, you will find a larger selection of colours for your enjoyment. They average out at about £4.00 for a 100ml tube

These are amazing paints! And the colours, especially the green / yellow one, is truly amazing, but this is a personal preference.

You will require the light base coat and, once dry, probably about two to four thin coats of the paint itself. but the effects are amazing.

The colours, in order of the header image, from left to right:

Above colours are:
  • (Left) Iridescent Blue Green #357
  • (Right) Iridescent Violet Blue #356

Above colours are:
  • (Left) Iridescent Green Yellow #359
  • (Right) Iridescent Or5ange Yellow #353
Other colours include:
  • Blue Black #360
  • Blue Green (another shade) #358
  • Copper #355
  • Rich Gold #350
  • Red Blue #354
If you use these colours on any of your Taff Rocks creations, don't forget to share them with us on our Facebook group or in the comments below.

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