Thursday, 20 June 2019

Our First Ever Trading Post is Open for Rocks!

What was once a humble pallet has been recycled and transformed into this wonderful Taff Rocks Painted Rock Garden and Trading Post (Nixonville)!

It was installed, with permission, on the 20th June 2019, the same day as the young Badgers were erecting a new fence at St John's Ambulance Hall in Nixonville, Merthyr Vale. 
Click here for Google Maps and directions or check it on Facebook and tag us in your posts: @taffrocksgardennixonville

Here's how it works:
  • You leave a rock for someone else to take traveling 
  • You trade a rock with one that's there and take the new one traveling
  • You take a rock, even if you don't have one to trade, and take traveling
  • You share a photo on our Facebook group of your rock and let us know it came from or was left at, the trading post.
That's how simple it is! Why complicate things?

Take one for inspiration.
Share on for motivation.
Leave one to help our garden grow.

The trading post has been handpainted on three of the four sides and, even though Taff Rocks are responsible for its upkeep and maintenance, anyone from any rock painting group is welcome to leave or trade a rock there.

All we ask is that you share an image of your trade on our Facebook group and take care of the garden so it can bring others pleasure.

When visiting, please do not take all the rocks, please leave some for others to share and trade. Unless, of course, it's the last rock, then please, take it traveling, don't leave it all alone.

The wonderful garden/trading post even has its own lawn, which almost didn't happen if it wasn't for the amazing staff at B&Q Merthyr Tydfil.

There are some amazing people that Taff Rocks would like to thank because, without them, this trading post would never have existed.

Special thanks go out to (in alphabetical order):
  • Aaron
  • Jake
  • Martin
  • Nicola
  • Richard
  • Sally
  • Yvette

Without their help with construction, painting, decorating and installing, we'd have no wonderful garden to share your rocks.

There are some exciting plans for this little patch of ground! It's going to look amazing!

It is close to the local school so, with just a little detour, your wonderful trade could start a journey to the four corners of the globe!

Members of Taff Rocks will visit regularly to ensure maintenance is up-to-date and, if there are no rocks in the garden for trading, put out a call or add some for you.

If ever you visit and it's empty or needs a little TLC, please contact us.

We are so looking forward to seeing how this works out. Who knows, we may well create some more in different areas.

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  1. Rocks are travelling as soon as they get to the garden! This is amazing! Let's hope that all of the photos are shared on our Facebook Group too. Thank you all for your amazing support!


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