Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Latest News and Updates

Back in 2018, the co-founders promised themselves that they'd bring Taff Rocks Rock Schools aka workshops, out into the community. To do this, they needed to fundraise!  

At the end of last month, we were successful in our Small Grants application, for start-up, from Invest Local in the Ynysowen Area. This grant will enable us to secure DBS checks, Public Liability Insurance, and some basic start-up materials and equipment.

The members of the new Taff Rocks voluntary Management Committee would like to thank Invest Local for having faith in us, accepting our application and agreeing to us receiving the grant.

This does not mean that Taff Rocks is no longer free! We want you to carry on rocking, finding, hiding, sharing and all the wonderful things you've been doing since last summer. There'd be no Taff Rocks without you guys!

What it does mean is that we are on the start of a very exciting journey of bringing rock painting workshops out into the community. But, we have to be realistic. The resources are not free and, as much as we'd like all our workshops to be free if the Taff Rocks Rock School/workshops are to happen more than once, we need to be sustainable. 

We are working on additional fundraising activities and ventures to keep the costs to a minimum. These include sponsorship, donations and any other very legal activity we can do.

In ... well, not too long now ... we have an exciting activity that everyone, young and the young at heart, will hopefully work toward and we'd like you to get involved too. Watch this space for community workshop dates and the big end product date.

Both co-founders would also like to thank Invest Local for the grant and the new volunteers that agreed to form part of the new committee, for creating the new constitution and agreeing to be part of everything, right down to being signatories on the bank account.

We've even had a Welsh-speaking, published author, offer his services to translate our literature into Welsh for us. Am I dreaming? Will someone pinch me? This is so unreal.

But, just as importantly though, we want to give a massive shout out to the Facebook Admin crew! Without these guys tirelessly monitoring and moderating the group to ensure it runs smoothly and safely for all, we would not be where we are today xxx

Keep on creating your rocks, especially your bumble bee rocks 😉

Exciting times are ahead and coming up FAST!

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