Sunday, 24 March 2019

Using Colouring Books For Inspiration

I have been asked, in the past, where I get some of my inspiration from. I am unashamedly a great user of the internet and kids colouring books.

The reason why I prefer kids colouring books is because of the simplicity of some of the pages, which allows me to directly copy or even just get the ideas.

This colouring book (shown here) was only £3.99, but there are lower priced ones in the pound shops or dollar stores (for our American cousins).

Three recent rock creations have been created using this book. I have taken the liberty of scanning the pages but will make mention of the fact that they are from the 'Bumper Farm Colouring' book by Brown Watson, England. I take no credit for these at all.

If you click on the picture of the line drawing, next to the rock below, you can download a PDF document to use for yourselves. They're on Google Drive, but you should be able to open and download them

If you use these or create any work of rocks are for Taff Rocks, please don't forget to share them on our Facebook Group. Member's only, but we invite you to join us.

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