Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Front-facing Bumblebee Rock

This little bumblebee is the third published within the last week, check out the Bumblebee index page on the Tutorial index

Here's what you'll need:
  • Your chosen rock
  • Acrylic paints 
    • Black
    • Yellow
    • White
  • An old plate, a paper plate or paint pallet
  • Paint pens or Sharpies (optional)
    • Black for the outline and eyes (optional)
    • White for the eye highlights (optional)
  • A slim paint brush (optional)
  • Warm, soapy water
  • A sponge
In this tutorial, a white outliner pen has been used to make the lines easier to see, you can use a pencil if you wish.

Here's how it's done:

1.  Wash and dry your rock. 
  • For more details on how to paint and prepare your rock, click here
2.  Start with a circle for the head.

3.  Now a love heart shape for the body. Don't forget to add the point at the bottom, this will be a stinger

4. Now for the wings.

  • Start with the top set first and add two circles.
  • The add an additional pair at the bottom

5. Give it an undercoat.

6. Fill in the head and body shape with yellow.

7.  Time to start outlining
  • Firstly, outline the head and the body, then
  • Starting at the top, below his chin at his neck, add your first black stripe
  • Next, add the rest of the stripes, all the way down to the stinger (the pointy bit at the bottom) and make sure that's in black.

8. Outline the wings.
  • Starting with the top pair of wings then
  • The bottom pair

9. Time to add a little face

  • Add two oval blobs for the eyes
  • Add the cutest smile you can draw, it doesn't have to be like with one, a simpler 'U-shaped' mouth will be fine
  • Allow drying time
10.  Add details
  • Whilst the eyes are drying, add some little details to help him look even more amazing
  • A pair of antennae on the top of his head
  • And some little lines on his wings

11. Finish the eyes
  • By now, the black of the eyes should be dry, so add a smaller white dot in the middle 
  • Allow to dry
  • Once dry, add an even smaller black blob the bottom centre
  • Once that is dry, add an even smaller white dot as a highlight to the eyes

12.  Add text on the reverse of your rock
  • If you need help with this, click here
  • Allow to dry.
13. Seal your rock.
If you need help creating and sharing rocks, here are some previous publications that can help you:
Check out the FAQ and, if it's not there, ask on the Facebook group, we'll all be happy to help!

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