Saturday, 9 February 2019

Mandala Rocks WIll Drive You Dotty

It's true! Mandala rocks can drive you totally dotty! I have been trying, for some days now, to master the art of Mandala rocks. No paintbrush required, you don't even need to know to draw!

I felt I failed at the one design I was trying, so decided to try a flower Mandala design instead. I'm still practicing! And all of us at Taff Rocks HQ are not afraid of sharing fails as well as successes.

To try this design yourself, check out the many, many YouTube videos and tutorials.

I used:

  • The flattest and smoothest surfaced rock I had in my collection 
  • A compass
  • Pencil for my compass
  • Dotting tools, for example
    • Nail art tools
    • Cocktail sticks (snip the point from one end, you'll then have two types of dotting tool from one stick)
    • Thin, wooden towels (use a pencil sharpener on one side to have two sized tools from one dowel)
    • BBQ skewer
Hopefully, you've found a suitable rock and prepared it for painting - see here on how to prepare your rocks for painting.

Using your compass, draw a circle on the rock.  If you're going to paint inside this circle an have not measured the circle. do not adjust your compass!

Now it's time to draw your flower. Here is a brilliant How To web page (by someone else) that might help if you don't know how to do this.

I don't think this fluorescent pink was the best choice of colour!

Using your dotting tool, place some dots on the 'important' points of the pattern ...

... allow to dry. Then start getting dotty however you wish! But flower shaped, of course

Allow to dry between each process! Allow to dry and seal your rock.

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