Thursday, 28 February 2019

Lonesome Sheep Wins Competition By A Landslide!

Congratulations to three-year-old Taliesin on winning the Taff Rocks "All Things Welsh" competition with his amazing little Sheep rock! Young "Tali", helped by his mum, entered Taff Rocks second competition to find a celebration header over on our Facebook group. 

We were looking for rocks depicting and celebrating everything Welsh, with one of the prizes being the use of the photo for the days leading up to, and including St David's Day.

Tali's rock was a simple little sheep with a wonderful little face and swirls of paint to show the fluffy woolly fleece. Less was definitely more for the voters choice this time around.

On behalf of Tali and because he's certainly not old enough to have a Facebook account when the news was posted on our group, he mum wrote:
"I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Taliesin, and say what an awesome job all the entries did. Happy rock finding peeps."

Of the competition, Tali's mum said: 
"I thought it was a great idea and fantastic concept, getting the kids to paint and hide stones. Kids [can] spend too much time on computers and things like this are a great idea. 
I will definitly enter him into another competition, it's excellent for the imagination. As a family, we do a lot of arts and crafts."

We would like to thank Tali's mum for the warm welcome and refreshments. We'd also like to thank the famtastic young man for allowing us the use of his 'games room.'

Permission was granted, by mum, for the use of this image of Tali (seen here with one of the co-founders), on the understanding that his face was obscured. 

The competition was open to all members of the Facebook Group as well as their family members without a Facebook account. Voting, however, was only open to members, but anyone can join. This time, after a suggestion from another member, we used the Facebook Poll option. We found that, allowing members to vote on their favourite, is the fairest way possible as the results cannot be 'fixed'. The only issue we have, however, is that group polls on Facebook cannot be closed, so we had to take a screengrab of the results after the voting was closed.

Taff Rocks would like to thank the person, or persons, who wish to remain anonymous, for their generosity and donating these wonderful prizes. They include: A lovely Welsh engraved keepsake trophy, a pack of classic Pilot paint pens, a sew-on St David's Day patch, one 25mm I 💗 Taff Rocks badge and a special edition 32mm Taff Rocks winners badge.

All entrants will be receiving a 25mm I 💗 Taff Rocks badge. These can also be purchased from our BlogShop, but the 32mm special edition badges can only be won!

There were four entries in all, each, equally deserving of a win!

In 4th Place:
Canu; Yfed; Mwnhau; Rygbi; Unegid.
Translated means:
SIng; Drink; Enjoy; Rugby; United

In 3rd Place: 
See above

In 2nd Place: 
"Cheers Drive"
It's a Welsh way of thanking all the bus drivers for the journey when alighting the bus.

And our amazing winner:
"Lonesome Sheep"
A fantastic six votes ahead of  second place.

Any votes on the poll after midnight on Monday 25th February 2019, will not be counted.

Click here to read the blog entry for the winner in our previous header competition where we were looking for something festive.

On behalf of the online Admin team, I'd like to thank everyone for their help and participation in with the competition, the prizes, and the prize giving

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