Saturday, 26 January 2019

The Taff Rocks Painted Rock Garden & Trading Post

The Trading Post and Rock Garden is something we at Taff Rocks HQ have been 'bouncing around' with since Taff Rocks went 'live' in August 2018.  The idea is still in its infancy, see below for what we need to move forward.

The concept is a simple one. A place where rockers (rock painters), hiders and seekers can go to leave, exchange or take a rock or rocks then share them, as usual on the groups Facebook page and ultimately, re-hide, take traveling or take home and love. Not just Taff Rocks, but rocks from any rock group.

If an individual doesn't paint rocks, then they only have to visit the Trading Post / Rock Garden to locate a rock and take traveling and share.

How it works:
  • Visit rock garden / trading post
  • Leave a rock, if you have one
    • Either one you have painted yourself or
    • One you have found from another group
  • Trade for another, or just take a rock
  • Follow the instructions, usually found on the reverse of the rock in hand
    • Usually:
      • Take a photo then
      • Post the photo, with a message, on the group's Facebook group
      • Example: "Found at the Trading Post in XXXX ... " 
      • Re-hide or keep
What we need:
  • An accessible patch of ground
    • It must be outdoors and accessible to the public
  • Funding for the following - this venture can be supported via our Ko-Fi page
    • Blocks
      • To raise, slightly, and circle the small garden area we intend to use
    • Pea-size gravel
      • This would need to be a delicate or pale grey colour.
      • This will enable to painted works of art to stand out.
      • Helps prevent weeds
    • Signpost *See Below
    • Instructions post **See Below

If you think you can help with any of these, please contact us.

Signpost idea:
Materials, as yet, unknown, but it would need to be as weather resistant as possible and read ...

The Taff Rocks
Trading Post & Rock Garden
Rocks from all groups welcome

Instructions post:
Take one for inspiration
Leave one for motivation
Leave one to help our garden grow.

Share an image of your rocks on 
Facebook (Taff Rocks) 
Include the locations ie the Painted Rocks Trading Post.
Let the group that the rock is from, know
where you found it and will be re-sharing it

Supporters are welcome to place a little advert, stating that they have supported the Trading Post on a post in the garden. This will be a small sign, paid for by the supporter (74mm x 105mm). It could / would read:
Sponsored / Supported by
Name of Company etc

This is where we, at Taff Rocks HQ, leave this blog publication. We are seeking assistance with this, we will update you on our progress.

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