Monday, 7 January 2019

Create a Group Header Image for Taff Rocks

Did you know that you, as a Member of Taff Rocks, can submit an image to be used as a group header ... at any time!?

They can even be submitted at any time during the year, and for any or no reason. 

Here's how:
  • Firstly, you need to be a member of Taff Rocks on Facebook, or at least know someone who is that can help you share your image with us
  • Prepare your rock or rocks
    • The image must contain at least one Taff Rocks rock
  • Set your scene using any additional decorations you wish
  • Take your photo using 16:9 photo settings
  • Add it to the group page or send it to Taff Rocks in a message. Either via here or, if one of our Admin Team are on your friends list, send it to them.
  • If the image is for one of our competitions, submit it in the way we have asked you to in the competition details. Otherwise, you could miss out on the chance of winning any prize(s) for that competition 
  • Let us know you'd like it to be considered as a header image
  • Include the name of the artist(s), especially if it's one created by a child or someone other than you
  • Ensure that there are no faces or hands etc, in the image
  • Even if you post an image to the group and it wasn't intended for use as a header, we might ask you if we can use it as one. So, always try to submit images of your rocks with the 16:9 settings
  • We will never use an image for the header if it contains an image of a child or children. The header image will be public, even though the rest of the group images are not.
  • You might be asked to send us a message with a postal address in order to receive a free "I ❤️ Taff Rocks" badge.
  • If you're stuck for ideas, check the events tab on the Taff Rocks group or use the 365 Days of Rock Painting Challenge post for inspiration 

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