Sunday, 6 January 2019

Flysea Painter Pens Review

Flysea Acrylic Painter Pens, on the face of it, seem as good as the more established pen. But with regular use, let's have a look at how they fair. They come in a box of 18 colours and can be purchased from eBay and Amazon, at pretty reasonable prices.

I was recently gifted a pack of these glorious pens and, even though the pens can be used on a multitude of surfaces, I have only used them on rocks.

As stated, they come in a pack of 18, which includes black, white, silver and gold. These are the colours that many rockers have to buy separately, so there's a money-saving alert! already

"Strong Covering Force" as stated on the package. Coverage is about average, but the lighter the colour, the more layers are required to ensure that the 'canvas' or rock surface, cannot be seen. I would suggest a base coat to lighten the rock first. However, they are a 'pigment ink' so this might be 'normal'.

The gold and silver shades are simply out of this worls for coverage and vibrancy!

Tips and Nibs are a medium size and great for big blocks of colour. If you want a fine liner, these are not the pens to use for that. The "I'm a traveling rock" text, see below, was created by using an ultrafine Posca pen.

The "How far will I travel?" text and the text on the travel stickers, have been created using a 0.1 Graphics Ink Pen. 

Sun-proof and Water-proof: I'm not able to comment on these qualities in this review, only time and use will tell.

  • Brilliant selection of colours in this pack
  • Price is great for those on a limited budget
  • Great size, especially for little hands
  • Low to zero odour
  • Sun-proof
  • Water-proof
  • Gold and silver at absolutely epic!
  • May require more than one coat on lighter shades
  • The brown, also a fantastic shade, leaked. But this might be a one-off

In conclusion: I believe these pens, with medium tips, are excellent and value for money. With their range of colours in one pack and coverage of most of the pens, I believe these will give the best of other bran packs a run for their money.

Reason for this review: As part of the Taff Rocks Admin Crew, I wanted to review these for fellow rockers, Taff Rocks member or other group.

This is my personal review and may not necessarily reflect those of other Taff Rocks members


  1. Hello. What sort of drying time is needed?

    1. Drying time depends on conditions, weather, temperature, layers / thickness etc, but you will find that most paint pens can have a second layer added in minutes sometimes

  2. Can the pens be ok for t shirt


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