Tuesday, 29 January 2019

All Things Welsh Competition

The celebration of All Things Welsh will be a special celebration for Taff Rocks. After all, Taff Rocks has its home in the heart of Wales.  And ... What better day to celebrate it than the 1st of March! Otherwise known here, in Wales, as Saint David's Day, our patron saint.


As our way of celebrating all things Welsh, we are holding a competition of painted rocks depicting anything Welsh. From leeks to daffodils, words to dragons and anything else Welsh and Wales related you can think of.

Facebook Group Members can enter by adding their image, in the comments, to the Competition's post, which can be found in the 'Announcements' whilst the competition is going on.

Competition closing date: Saturday 16th February 2019
All members can vote to chose the winner for: One week  (approx) after this date.
Winner will be announced on: Saturday 23rd February 2019
Winning header image will be used from: Saturday 23rd February until Monday 4th March 2019

Our last competition, with prizes, was the Festive Header Competition won by one of our young rockers, Sadie. In her prize acceptance 'speech', Sadie stated that she's wished more members had been involved, so let's not disappoint her in this competition!

Now is the time to add your family and friends to our Facebook Group.

There will be a prize (or prizes) for the winning entry! These will be detailed closer to the date. In addition, the winning image will be used as our group header for St David's day, plus a few days before and after.

Here's how it works:
  • You do not have to be Welsh, from Wales or even in Wales to enter, but you do need to be a member of the Taff Rocks Facebook Group and have a UK address for posting your prize to.
  • Membership is free
  • Paint a Taff Rocks rock showing anything Wales and Welsh related 
    • Leeks
    • Daffodils
    • Word Rocks
    • Dragons
    • Three Feathers
    • Anything Welshie 
  •  You can add whatever decorations you like when taking the photo:
    • If you have green or red tinsel left after Christmas, why not use that?
    • Leeks or daffodils
    • Welsh Badges
    • Why not little Welsh flags
    • Or, lay your rock on a Welsh flag to take the picture, but we do need to be able to see the rock, so don't take the photo from too far away.
    • The list can be endless 
  • Take a photo of your awesome set up in landscape, using 16:9 settings on your phone. If you don't, your image will need to be cropped and we me crop and important bit off
  • The image you use must show at least one Taff Rocks rock
  • Add your image in the comments on the competition post in the Taff Rocks Group
  • There is no need to add any text, someone at Taff Rocks HQ will do this for you.
  • Each entrant can receive an "I ❤️ Taff Rocks" badge if they choose to.
    • In order to receive your badge, please message us, via our Facebook page, with the details of where to send it. 
    • Do not add your address to your image when uploading it!
    • This is the same for a winner's prize.
    • Once the postal details have been used, they are deleted. We do not save them.
  • You can enter as many different images as your wish
    • If you enter one or one hundured images, you will only receive one Taff Rocks badge (see below) 
    • Your image can include one (minimum) to an infinite number of Wales and Welsh related rocks.
    • You can move your multiple rocks around and, as long as they're in a different position / setting, you can add that as an entry too.
    • Don't forget, single rocks are welcome too.
  • When the competition closes, all images will be added to a post in the group and all members will have a chance to vote on their favourite one. The Admin Team has no control of the choices members make.
Age Restrictions: 
  • There are no entry age restrictions - with the exception of the Facebook age restrictions. 
  • Those deemed too young, by Facebook, to have an account can have entries made on their behalf - please ensure your name is on the entry as the artist / creator
  • Admins and Moderators cannot participate, but their family and friends are encouraged.
  • 1 x 32mm Taff Rocks Winners Badge
  • 1 25mm "I ❤️ Taff Rocks" Badge
  • 1 St Davids Day sew on patch
  • 1 Pack of 'classic' Pilot paint pens
  • A Welsh Dragon trophy


 Taff Rocks Store
25mm Badge
Can also be purchased from the

There can be only one winner.
Badges are limited to one per first 25 entrants, not entries.
Per entrant, not entries!

This competition is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook, Blogger, Instagram or Twitter in any way.

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