Wednesday, 12 December 2018

How to add images or posts to the Taff Rocks group

In order to add images or text only posts to Taff Rocks, they need to be added to the Facebook Group and not the public Facebook Page. The public Facebook Page does not accept posts and images from non-admin members. To find out why this is, click here

The first thing you need to do is become a Member of the Taff Rocks Facebook Group.  

Once your membership request has been approved by admin, you can now add your images and posts. These will also require admin approval, but you only need to add a post once.

Always remember - every new foundling deserves it's own "air time" so please consider sharing an image of your find in a post of its own and not as a comment on another post or even in a message to an admin member.

You are also welcome and we encourage you to add your Facebook friends and family

What you see on your PC/Laptop may differ, depending on what browser you are using, but it is basically the same. This also applies to what other devices you are using, but these too will be basically the same.

Chose your method here:

Check out the other FAQ's here
If your question or suitable answer is not there, 
please ask on the Taff Rocks Facebook Group!

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