Wednesday, 26 December 2018

365 Day Rock Painting Challenge

The Taff Rocks 365 Day Rock Painting Challenge starts here. If you're new to painting rocks check out our publication on Painting Rocks. For ideas on where to hide them, or even where not to hide them, check out our Frequently Asked Questions Index. This will also make suggestions on a basic shopping list to get started.

Each page listed below will include a prompt or an idea for each day, resulting in 365 by the 31st December 2019. But these can be started at any time during the year.

As the year moves on, the pages from the calendar below will be filled with suggested themes for the day. You can also make suggestions via the Facebook Group or by contacting us via this blog.

If you bookmark this page, you can come back to it any time as it is being updated.

You can also print out each page and tick the days off as you are going.

Don't forget, Taff Rocks Facebook Group will still have 'Inspirational Events' throughout the year.

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