Saturday, 3 November 2018

25mm Pin / Button Badges

Here at Taff Rocks HQ, we're a little excited! These arrived today!

Pin badges, or button badges with "I ❤️ Taff Rocks" on them. They're 25mm pieces with a metal pin. Because of the size and the pin, they are unsuitable for babies and small children.

How can you get one?

  • Enter one of our free competitions. 
  • Find one attached to a rock that has been set free.
  • Encounter a generous Taff Rocks Admin member, who might have one with them.
  • Purchase one from our BlogShop - Currently UK only, contact admin for international orders
  • Support us on our Ko-fi page

Other badges are in the making so, watch this space.

Thank you to our graphic designer in America for his work on these.
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