Thursday, 4 October 2018

What happens if you outline after sealing a rock?

Here at "Taff Rocks HQ", we usually use a variety of media to create works of rock art with, acrylic paints, Posca paint pens, Sharpies, Pilot paint pens and recently, we tried out these STA Metallic Pens.

The white pen from this particular brand, takes time to "develop", not sure if it's just this pack or the brand in general.

The problem:
  • White pen outline took time to develop
  • Once developed, although it could be seen, was faint. 
  • The first layer of lacquer brought out the wonderful, rich colour of the rock.
  • The white pen outline seemed to disappear!

How it was "fixed":

The rock, once dried, needed a new outline as the definition of the work let it down, big time. Only time will tell how long the new outline will last.
  • The new outline, using a white, fine Posca acrylic paint pen went on smoothly and looks wonderful
  • Once complete, a few thin layers of lacquer was then applied and allowed to dry.
We shall watch the progress of this rock when found and update this blog with its progress.

Let's see how long it lasts when you add outline after the first thin layer of lacquer.

If you have done this before and would like to add to this blog post, please feel free to comment below.

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