Tuesday, 23 October 2018

We made it to a community newsletter!

A little while ago, one of our members put this idea into my head here at Taff Rocks HQ. 

He suggested that adding an article in a community magazine would raise the profile of such an enriching, outdoor family activity, and would help the community get involved. Invest Local Ynysowen contacted us with more details and we wrote an article for the Ynysowen Newsletter. 

Time went on, events happened, and the article slipped to the back of our minds. Then, this morning, having learned that we'd hit 500+ new members last night, the newsletter fell onto the doormat here at Taff Rocks HQ.

It's down to each and every one of you that we are here. 

Your support and engagement shows us, and those in the community, that there is love to be had and shared. Thank you, each and every one of you for, without you, Taff Rocks would not exist.

Here is a duplicate of the text that has been printed:

Taff Rocks

Inspire – Create – Share – Hide – Repeat 

If you haven’t heard of the painted rock trend yet, now’s your chance. Taff Rocks would like to invite you to become involved with this growing phenomenon and get crafty. 

You don’t need to be a Picasso or a Van Gogh to take part. It’s a way of expressing yourself by creating works of rock art, sharing and hiding your art for someone else to find. It could make their day. It’s an excellent way of getting outdoors, away from the TV and technology and having fun with a new way of hide and seek. 

Taff Rocks have had rocks show up in lots of places in Wales, plus some in England and Luxembourg. Whilst the group is new, our numbers are growing and many of our members are seasoned ‘rockers’ (rock artists) and will be glad to help with any questions you have that you didn’t find on our blog or on Facebook.

Why not check out our Facebook group for inspiration and see how much fun you and your family could have together. 

For help with how to become a ‘rocker’ and other information, you can also check out our Blog taffrocks.blogspot.com/ 

If you are part of a community group, you’re welcome to become a member and join in the fun with all our other members. 

We have some ‘Inspirational Events’ happening, ones where you can participate in the comfort of your own home. These include: Autumn-Fest, Halloween, Drop a Poppy and more to come.

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