Monday, 15 October 2018

Creating a simple Rock Doggo (Dog)

Rock Doggo! Or, a simple dog face on a rock. Excellent for beginners but yet adorable enough for hardened "Rockers". Four simple shapes with two colours. Of course, there's nothing wrong with you changing it for yourself.

I found this idea when searching the internet for simple painted rock ideas. I created these two and wanted to share a tutorial with you.

1. Clean and prepare your rock.

Wash and dry your rock, for more details on the preparation of your rocks, see our tutorial here.

2. Undercoat your rock (optional).

Using your chosen background colour, undercoat your rock. Alternatively, you can leave the natural colour of your rock.

3. Draw your outlines

You will need to draw / sketch, in pencil, the following shapes:
  • One large, teardrop shape. You can adjust this shape so that it takes on the outline of the rock.
  • Two small oval shapes for eyes
  • One upside down triangle with rounded points, for a nose.
  • One long, sweeping, curved line for a smiley mouth

4.  Paint or colour in the shapes

You can choose different colours for the ears if you wish

5. Add highlights to the eyes.

Using a white paint pen or white pant and a 'dotting' tool, add a small white dot to each of the eyes.

6.  Write on the reverse of your rock

Before you seal your work, don't forget to write on the reverse of your rock so that finders know what to do once they have found it.

For more details of this, please click here

7. Seal your rock.

Spray your rock with your chosen sealant and allow to dry.

For help with sealing your rock, check out the tutorial on How to Prepare and Paint Your Rock. For a list of what you can use to seal your rock with and some suggested place to purchase it, see here.

8. Hide your rocks where they can be found.

Add your finished rock to the Taff Rocks Group on Facebook and share with other Taff Rocks members for inspiration and to know what finders are looking for.

For a list of cool places to hide your rocks, click here.


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