Tuesday, 23 October 2018

We made it to a community newsletter!

A little while ago, one of our members put this idea into my head here at Taff Rocks HQ. 

He suggested that adding an article in a community magazine would raise the profile of such an enriching, outdoor family activity, and would help the community get involved. Invest Local Ynysowen contacted us with more details and we wrote an article for the Ynysowen Newsletter. 

Time went on, events happened, and the article slipped to the back of our minds. Then, this morning, having learned that we'd hit 500+ new members last night, the newsletter fell onto the doormat here at Taff Rocks HQ.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Creating a simple Rock Doggo (Dog)

Rock Doggo! Or, a simple dog face on a rock. Excellent for beginners but yet adorable enough for hardened "Rockers". Four simple shapes with two colours. Of course, there's nothing wrong with you changing it for yourself.

I found this idea when searching the internet for simple painted rock ideas. I created these two and wanted to share a tutorial with you.

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

How to create a Snowman on a Rock

Snowmen are known for being a little 'flakey' but not these guys, or girls!   

It's snowtime folks! Let's create a simple snowman on a rock for the cosy, cold nights in and create warm memories with family and friends! Create them anytime!

In this tutorial, Taff Rocks will show you how to paint a snowman, in two different ways, each as simple and effective as the next. We will also show you some choices you can add or leave out.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

What happens if you outline after sealing a rock?

Here at "Taff Rocks HQ", we usually use a variety of media to create works of rock art with, acrylic paints, Posca paint pens, Sharpies, Pilot paint pens and recently, we tried out these STA Metallic Pens.

The white pen from this particular brand, takes time to "develop", not sure if it's just this pack or the brand in general.