Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Taff Rocks Artists Required

With the group growing on a daily basis, there may come a time when we literally run out of rocks for seekers to find!

We are looking for artists (known as "rockers"), both young and young at heart, who can spare a little time, either on their own or with their family, to create painted masterpieces for Taff Rocks.

We will also gladly welcome members of community groups who want to paint rocks as a joint effort.

If you've never painted a rock before, don't worry, a lot of our members hadn't painted rocks before Taff Rocks and some members are seasoned 'Rockers' (Rock Painters / Artists).

Join us on our Facebook Group for help and support from other members, you'll find we're a nice bunch.

If you need help to start, click here. It will give you the basics on how to prepare and paint a rock.

This blog has an FAQ section, which is growing all the time. It includes topics like
  • A basic rock painting shopping list
  • What to write on the back of a rocks
  • Where you can find the resources
  • Basic do's and do not's 
We also have tutorials, this currently includes
  • How to prepare and paint rocks
  • How to paint a basic poppy rock
Of course, there will always be questions but, as mentioned earlier, we're a helpful bunch over on the Facebook group.

Once you have painted your rocks, before you hide them, showcase them the Facebook group

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