Saturday, 18 August 2018

Word Rock Week

As a new "rock group", we want to encourage participation from members and invite new members to join in. With this in mind, Taff Rocks would like to invite you to participate in their "Word Rock Week" starting Monday 20th August 2018.

Any time, before, during or after the week, create a rock, or a few rocks, with simple, inspirational and positive words on. Share your images in the Taff Rocks  Facebook group ...
  1. Find yourself a smooth rock.
  2. Give it a wash
  3. If it's a dark one, give it a layer or so of undercoat or light coloured paint (acrylics, household paint etc available at your local hardware store)
  4. Add a few layers of coloured top coat of your choice, or if you like the undercoat colour, leave it as it is.
  5. Using acrylics, paint pens or Sharpies, add your word.
  6. Allow to dry. 
  7. Decorate further if you wish, then leave that dry.
  8. Add "Please share a photo on Facebook @ Taff Rocks, then re-hide. Thank you" you can abbreviate this, but always mention Facebook and Taff Rocks.
  9. Seal with some exterior lacquer or varnish.
  10. Leave it dry again.
  11. Share an image of your work on this group then ...
  12. Re-hide ❤

If you should need any advice or help, post here or on our Facebook group

Have fun

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