Thursday, 9 August 2018

Uncool Places to Hide Rocks

There are many cool places to hide rocks, in a previous post, we listed 20. However, there are also some uncool places to hide them too.  

Here are a few, if you have any other suggestions for uncool places, add them below.

1. Supermarkets
The issue with hiding rocks in a supermarket, can you guarantee that your rock has not, for example, been peed on by a passing dog when it was waiting to be found?  Which, if it might have, will mean that the food stuffs near it are now contaminated!
Even if you know for sure that it hasn't, how will the supermarket manager know for certain? Truth is, he/she won't.
There was an article, recently, in a group online where a supermarket manager had to discard a whole freezer/cabinet full of food produce because there was a rock in there.

2. Private Property
Hopefully, this one is self explanatory. If you want to hide one on Private property, you must first seek permission. You then run the risk that maybe it won't be found for some time as a finder would need to know there's one there and also seek permission to go looking.
Of course, if you know the person living at the private property e.g. your friend's garden and you are welcome there, then this should be ok.

3. Grave sites and memorials
Painted rocks left at grave sites and memorials should always be left there. Finders are discouraged from taking them. So, if you want your rocks to travel, these are not good places to set them free.

4. Building and demolition sites 
These places are dangerous and you should never enter!

5. Up a tree 
Hiding a rock low down on a tree is quite fine, but hiding one high up a tree where a finder would have to climb can be an unsafe place.
You also run the risk of the rock falling out of the tree onto a passer by.

6. Lawns and managed grassed areas
If your rock is not found and the grass grows up around it, then this could cause an accident when a mower is used on the grass.

7. Cliff edges
This can be dangerous for both you and the finder.

8. In the middle of the road or pavement
This is dangerous for you and passers by. Pedestrians can trip over them and they can cause an accident both on pavement and in the road.

9. Pubs, clubs and restaurants 
Never assume that you can hide a rock in establishments such as these. Always ask permission from the manager.

Don't be disheartened, there are also cool places to hide rocks too

This list will continue to grow, you can also add your own suggestions in the comments box below

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