Thursday, 2 August 2018

The Rocks Movement

Painting rocks has become a movement. We are all different and yet all the same.  We all want to [feel] loved.

In this case, it's kindness. It feels good to share kindness and to receive kindness. 

We paint and hide rocks as an act of kindness to unexpectedly brighten someone's day. We don't paint rocks for ourselves.

It isn't about the best. All rocks do the same thing. They make a person smile. 

It's for all ages and abilities. 

It isn't to see how much attention you can get.  Your self-gratification doesn't come from the finder.  It comes from creating something meant for good.

Your accomplishment comes from participating and making someone smile without the expectation of return gratification because it feels good for the giver and the receiver.

Original source: Unknown

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