Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Cool Places to Hide Painted Rocks

20 Cool Places to Hide Your Rocks!  

Once you have created your amazing rock of art, where are some good places to hide them? Ones where they have a better chance of being found and ones that are not going to cause an accident. At al times, try your best to make sure that little ones can see and find them.

This list can go on forever, but here are some ideas for you ...
  • Ride on toys that you find in towns, outside shops, and in some shopping centres.
  • On the windowsill of a toy store.
  • At the entrance to the library. You could also ask permission to hide it inside the library, in the children's section.
  • Bus stops
  • Park benches - either on them or just at the side on the concrete slab that benches are usually installed on.
  • On the playground equipment at the park.
  • At school gates - the best times of day are around the times when they can be found when going to school or coming home.
  • A tree stump. Best ones are the ones that have been cut down on the edges of regularly walked trails. Especially good are the ones that are nice and flat on the top.
  • Around the bottom of a tree - If the rock is likely to be peed on by a passing dog, reconsider this!
  • Near the entrances to parks and recreation grounds
  • On the sides of paths that are regularly walked. Preferably out of the grasses, they can become covered it can cause issues if the grass gets mowed.
  • On top of public gates and fence posts
  • Near shrubbery, make sure the rock is poking out and can be seen.
  • Around small alleyways that are walked regularly.
  • On very low lying branches. Make sure it won't fall off and hit someone and make sure it can be reached by a little person.
  • On top of short walls in public areas.
  • Outside seating areas near cafes (you may need to get permission).
  • Your friend's front door or window! Just think of the smile they'd have finding your beautiful rock when they open the door.
  • Sometimes, when you're off visiting your friends, hide one in their regularly cared for flower bed. 
  • On your teacher's desk - maybe.
If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments box below

Check out the list of not so cool places to hide rocks here.

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